Sadie the Pit Bull
This is a page dedicated to the one and only, Sadie Bear. Sadie turned four this September. She loves romping around with her Chihuahua friend, Red. Sadie has her masters degree in cuddling. This is her journey.

Dog blog or potato blog, you decide.

| Please do not take my photos and reupload them. |


Happy National Pet Day from these goobers!

Thank you so much for sitting there while I’m trying to organize my shoes.


caught that hoe digging a hole. lolol

omg this was so long ago, look at that booger. she tried to cover up the evidence. 

The bear has a broken tooth. Poor baby girl. :(

A wild Sadie has been spotted.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tumblr!


Thanks so much everyone!!

Hey just so everyone is aware. I want to follow you all back but this blog is attached to my personal blog so I can’t. I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day.

<3 shelbi