Sadie the Pit Bull

This is a page dedicated to the one and only, Sadie Bear. Sadie turned four this September. She loves adventuring around with her Chihuahua friend, Red. Sadie has her Master's degree in cuddling. This is her journey. ( Please do not take my photos and reupload them. )


Preparing for cold weather. Yasss.


*please if you reblog this do not speak badly about my family. Obviously there are some problems going on, but speaking ill of them is not helping* Guys… I really need some emotional and physical help here…
This is Mia. She is an 8 month old pit bull, spayed, with all her shots. She is a big puppy, loves fetch, belly rubs, and craves attention and loves to please. She has a HUGE heart and is good with other dogs.
Mia is at risk. My mother in law adopted her as a puppy because she “wanted a cute baby” and treated her like a human baby (which if you’ve ever owned dogs you KNOW that’s not going to be healthy mentally) and the second she couldn’t be cradled in her arms she was thrown into a back yard. Now Mia is being threatened. Her life is at risk because they are threatening to dump her (and I don’t mean at a shelter). I don’t know if anyone here knows of a pit bull group I can post her in to get her a foster mommy or daddy, OR someone who could adopt her. She is in southern ca. (Ontario California). My heart is broken. We love this dog, but because our current dog (a 9 year old pit bull) is extremely dog aggressive we are not an option to even temporarily help her. Please help me save Mia. She literally just wants a family.

Please help get Mia a forever home! Pass this around for me. 

Hey everyone, I need your help. Lexi makes really rad decals to help amazing doggies and rescues. Please take some time to give her website a look. Buy one of the decals for Southern Souls Animal League. Show them some love! It would mean a lot to Sadie and I! Hope all of you are doing well. Thank you. :)

Her little feets are so cute.

Baby bear is sleepy today.



My best friend’s puppy has recently
torn her ACL and is going to need major surgery. The medical costs are extremely expensive, and they have started a foundation to try to raise the money for her. Please please take a look, read her story, share, and donate if you can. Anything helps! Thank you for taking the time to read.

She is also willing to provide full documentation upon request to confirm the validity of this story

Hiiii !!! This is v important ty

Hey help these people and this puppy out if you can. <3

Sadie started feeling better the other day and this is what she did to show it.

Rocking that sweet shaved patch! Her wound has healed up really well. :)